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Remove Bad Smells from Your Car with These Five Methods

If you're like the vast majority of drivers in the United States, you sometimes end up with a weird smell in the car; maybe you spilled a little milk, maybe your dog was wet when he was in the backseat, or maybe your friend was a little too sweaty on that road trip. No matter what, you want the smell to be gone so we have a couple methods on how to remove a stubborn smell from your car's cabin.

  • You can vacuum the seats and surfaces to remove any troublesome materials
  • Some baking soda sprinkled on seats and surfaces can absorb the smells
  • Same as baking soda, a piece of charcoal inside the cabin overnight can absorb bad smells. Be sure you place the charcoal on something that won't stain
  • Vanilla, mint, coffee grounds, or any other natural air freshener can help replace the bad smell with a good one
  • If your cabin smells like gasoline, you may have a leak and are in need of a service center appointment with us! One of the expert technicians here at Vic Bailey Lincoln will get you in as quickly as we can and solve the issues at hand.
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