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Remember to Check Your Differential

Regular maintenance is vital to keeping your vehicle in top shape and on the road when you need it. An often-overlooked part of maintenance is the differential. It is a top item for checking with your regular service. The fluid inside the device must be changed periodically, and at the first sign that it has broken down.

A differential is a device that is part of the vehicles that local drivers operate each day. It helps wheels to spin at slightly different rates to equalize the engine torque. The engine normally sends torque or turning power to each drive wheel. When a vehicle has the all-wheel or 4-wheel drive, then the differentials must distribute power three ways so that the wheels can work together.

At Vic Bailey Lincoln we are eager to help keep your vehicle running smoothly. For your safety and well-being, come by and have your vehicle inspected and serviced. Please call or visit online to make an appointment today.

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