The 2020 Lincoln Continental and Genesis G80 offer distinctive iterations of the luxury sedan experience. While the Continental's sense of class is embedded in Lincoln's history as a high-end vehicle brand, the G80 aims to invoke younger and more accessible feeling. When it comes down to performance and capability, these cars are very similar in terms of their performance and cosmetic stylings. Nonetheless, there are a few key features to discern when choosing between the G80 or the Continental. Let's get into our review!   
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The Distinguished Interior of the 2020 Lincoln Continental

While the 2020 Genesis G80 offers a surprisingly modest luxury interior, the Lincoln Continental maximizes comfort and convenience. With motorized doors and 30-way adjustable massage chairs, the Lincoln Continental offers a high-end experience that transcends its price point. The Continental's interior design creates an exciting and relaxing environment for any driver. While its driver-oriented cabin should be appreciated, the features of the G80 pale in comparison.  

Cargo Space at a Fast Pace

Spaciousness is a necessity to consider between the 2020 Lincoln Continental and Genesis G80. The Continental is generally more spacious, offering an additional foot cargo space over the G80. This feature creates a notable difference in the G80 and Continental. The Genesis may retain an appealing appearance, but it lacks the luxury to wow behind the wheel.  

Breaking Down the Drivetrains

One of the most distinguishable aspects in the 2020 Lincoln Continental and Genesis G80 is their drivetrain. The 2020 Lincoln Continental is equipped with front wheel drive (FWD) while the G80 is furnished with rear wheel drive (RWD). This distinction in drivetrain is important to note. FWD is generally superior to RWD in that it affords greater fuel economy, less carbon dioxide waste, and superb handling in difficult weather conditions.  

Test Drive the 2020 Lincoln Continental at Vic Bailey Lincoln in Spartanburg, SC

While the 2020 Lincoln Continental and Genesis G80 share a variety of aspects, we must consider the definitive characteristics in order to discern which of these vehicles lives up to its standard as a luxury sedans. The 2020 Lincoln offers an intuitive interior, spacious cargo, and efficient drivetrain unparalleled in the Genesis G80 model.   
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