Luxury SUVs rule the road unlike no other vehicle. Fierce appearance, extensive utilities, and tenacious performance standards are only a few of the fundamental features these models provide. Choosing between the 2020 Lincoln Navigator and Mercedes-Benz GLS isn't an easy task. While both of these models exemplify the conventions of a luxury SUV, only one truly exceeds the norm. It's time to get into our review of the 2020 Lincoln Navigator and Mercedes-Benz GLS.   
Vic Bailey knows luxury SUVs better than anyone in Spartanburg, SC. As a family-owned dealership with decades of experience in South Carolina, our experts are trained to match you with your ideal ride for the road. Give us a call at 888-277-7626 or come on down to our location in Spartanburg, SC today! Keep reading below for our comparison of the 2020 Navigator and Mercedes-Benz GLS.   

Refined Design In The 2020 Lincoln Navigator

Appearance is everything when you're engaging the open roads; and it goes without question that the 2020 Lincoln Navigator's stunning build offers a standard of beauty beyond the average. The Navigator's front fascia features a ferocious grille, complemented with additional chrome trims that are fastened to its sleek build. Unlike the Navigator, the Mercedes-Benz GLS offers a modest appeal. It's exterior feels more comparable to a mid-size vehicle whereas the Navigator's bodacious appearance remains unrivaled.  

A Distinguished Sense of Comfort

Regarding spaciousness, both the 2020 Navigator and Mercedes-Benz GLS offer general comfortability in their interiors. Most notably however, the Navigator offers slightly more legroom in the third row. If you're riding with a full-house, the Lincoln Navigator will certainly assure a greater sense of comfort for your friends in the backseat. Furthermore, the Navigator boasts significantly more cargo space as opposed the GLS. If family vacations or a big move are in your itinerary, the 2020 Lincoln Navigator will surely get you there in more than one piece!  

The 2020 Lincoln Navigator's Powertrain Rules the Road

The powertrain is always one of the most definitive features for any luxury SUV. The 2020 Lincoln Navigator boasts a 450hp engine-a 100hp advantage over the Mercedes-Benz GLS! The Lincoln's performance capabilities are further exemplified in its 500 lb-ft torque. Comparatively, the GLS is trailing along by its own 369 lb-ft torque standard. When it comes down to this pillar of vehicle design- performance-it's no contest between the 2020 Lincoln Navigator and Mercedes GLS. The 2020 Lincoln Navigator dominates the drive!  

Test Drive the 2020 Lincoln Navigator at Vic Bailey Lincoln in Spartanburg, SC

Based on our findings, it's overwhelmingly apparent the 2020 Lincoln Navigator exceeds the Mercedes-Benz GLS in a variety of capacities. It's stunning exterior, spacious and gracious interior, and formidable performance systems are just unrivaled in the Mercedes design. The 2020 Lincoln Navigator embodies the standards of a luxury SUV vehicle. Test drive yours at Vic Bailey Lincoln in Spartanburg, SC today!